Like my mother, I like to know what everybody ate. My friends are constantly driven crazy by me because I want to know what they had for dinner. I want to know what they had and how they cooked it. I’m not very curious about what people had out. I’m interested in what people have in, because I’m very interested in people’s domestic lives. I used to think I was frittering away my time, but the fact is, what is more interesting than how people live? I personally can’t think of anything. Maybe war, or death or something, but not to me. I like to know how they serve food, what they do with it, how it looks.
— Laurie Colwin, More Home Cooking: A Writer Returns to the Kitchen

I also constantly wonder what my neighbors, friends, or anyone else I might run into during the day, like the cashier at the local supermarket are eating. What did they have for lunch? What might they be planning for dinner? Where do they get their food from? I asked some of the people around me some of my questions and here's what they said:


Irena Lambrou and Friend

Irena Lambrou and Friend

What did you have for dinner today?

What did you have for breakfast, lunch, your afternoon snack?

Where do you get most of your food from?

Do you grow anything yourself? If so, what?

What is your general approach to food?

How much time do you spend preparing food each day?

How many times do you eat out each week?

If you have food restrictions, what are they? Are they self-imposed or otherwise?

What is your most frequently eaten meal?

Anything else you would like the rest of us to know?